Intermediates (50/70) - Baseball

What is Intermediates (50/70)?

League age 12-13 players will experience a new level of play as they step up from the Little League-sized field to a 70-foot diamond with a pitching distance of 50 feet, 6 inches. We will be placing our emphasis on fun and fair play, as we continue the development of the skill fundamentals along with the mental aspects of baseball the players will need to compete at this higher level. The games will be scheduled across Kitsap County against other Little Leagues in the District 2 Area. The local league has an option to enter the team in the International Tournament.

Why is Bainbridge Island Little League offering Upper Division play?

Bainbridge Island Little League has had numerous conversations with the parents of our ball players with many asking why we did not offer Upper Division play as provided by Little League International.  After these conversations, BILL felt offering the Upper Divisions of play to our post major’s players made sense logically as the next step of providing baseball to our community.

Why choose Bainbridge Island Little League?

Bainbridge Island Little League is a non-profit organization serving over 400 families each year.  Our league offers a fun, supportive, instructional and competitive experience for older boys ages 13 through 16 residing on Bainbridge Island.  Programs focus on the development of baseball skills, sportsmanship, and a love for the game in a family-oriented, volunteer community.  That being said, there are many great opportunities for players to continue in baseball after playing Majors and we support them all.  Our main focus is to have the players on the field playing baseball.

What is the age range for playing Juniors and Seniors Upper Division Baseball?

Junior league ages are 12-14 and Senior league ages are 13-16 before August 31.

When does the season run?

This baseball season will run from the end of February to the middle of June.  BILL has the possibility of entering Teams in the Little League International Tournament, if certain qualifications are met and then the season could run longer into the summer.

What size field do the Juniors and Senior league Teams play on?

The field size will be the standard conventional 90-foot baseball diamond with a pitching distance of 60 feet, 6 inches.

Who will the Teams play and how many games?  

Each Team will play against the other District 2 Little Leagues (IE: North Kitsap, Port Orchard, etc.) with 16 games as the normal season. There have been anywhere between 12 – 16 teams in these leagues. In conversation with other District 2 Leagues, BILL will explore scheduling games to generally occur on weekday evenings or games will be scheduled as doubleheaders on Saturday and/or Sunday.

Will tryouts be needed to participate in the new Upper Divisions?

There will be tryouts only if necessary. We are looking to create balanced Teams, if we have enough players register for the Upper Divisions. This is not a select baseball club, where you might not make the cut. We are looking more to create the fun, supportive, instructional and competitive experience for the boys and our program will focus on the development of baseball skills and sportsmanship.

Is there a need for volunteers?

Bainbridge Island Little League is a volunteer organization.  The success of our ball players and teams is directly tied to all help we receive from the volunteers who do everything from Manager, Practice Coach, Umpire, and Scorekeeper to Team Parent and more.  We look to one parent from every ball player donate time to help support the Teams and BILL by volunteering approximately 6 hours per season.

How many games and practices will there be each week?

At the beginning of the season prior to game play, there will be 2 – 3 practices a week.  Once the season starts, there will be 2 – 3 practices a week along with 2 games.

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