Minors - Softball

Minors Division Softball GIRLS (ages 6, 7-9 before Jan 1*):  This division emphasizes the development of basic playing skills (throwing, catching, fielding, and batting) and introduces playing rules. Games and practices are arranged in a format that is more advanced as compared to T-ball, but modified to fit their skill and knowledge level (e.g. coach or machine pitch, three innings games, all players bat or three outs per inning whichever occurs first). The goal is to teach players about the sport in a non-competitive environment that emphasizes having fun. Coaches will introduce players to the elements of team work and sportsmanship. Players should be given equal playing and the opportunity to play all defensive positions. Players are assigned to teams.  

*Little League 6 year olds are welcome to play Minors softball if they have played one year of T-Ball and pass a safety evaluation.

For Minors rules and regulations, download the pdf:  Download Rules Here

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